The Compression Options window

The options provided in the Mode panel for both DV / HDV and analog import include access to this window for fine-tuning compression preferences. If you select either of the DV and MPEG presets, you can use this window to review the actual settings used. Editing the settings here automatically selects the “Custom” preset.

Pinnacle Studio image001 The Compression Options window

The Compression Options window for digital and analog video import.

Because some options are contingent on others, not all will be visible simultaneously.

Video settings

Compression Codec: Use this dropdown list to select the codec you want to use.

Framesize: This line shows the dimensions of the captured video.

Quality, Data rate: Some codecs present quality options in terms of a compression percentage (Quality), and others in terms of the required data transfer rate in KB/sec (Data rate).

Audio settings

Compression: This dropdown shows the codec that will be used to compress the incoming audio data.

Record audio: Clear this checkbox if you are not planning to use the captured audio in your production.

The Compression Options window