The Filename panel

This panel of the Import Wizard is where you specify the names under which your imported media files will be stored.

Pinnacle Studio image001 The Filename panelEach type of input source has a default filename assigned by Studio. For instance, the default filename when importing a Snapshot is “Snapshot”. To change it, click in the space and type the name you want.

The Import Wizard never overwrites an existing file when importing. If a file with the same name as the target name already exists, a sequence number is added to the name of the incoming file.

Pinnacle Studio image002 The Filename panelWhen importing from file-based media, additional file naming features are available. By default the naming formula for a file-based input is given symbolically as “[original].[ext]”, meaning that the original filename and extension are used.

Pinnacle Studio image003 The Filename panelIf you want a custom name, enter it into the edit box as usual; however, in the case of file-based media the target filename has two parts: a stem, which you supply, and a tail, which is generated by one of three simple rules at the time of import. The default rule adds a unique sequence number to every filename. While you are entering your custom name, the edit box shows only the stem. But when the name is displayed at other times, the rule for the tail part of appears as well.

To select a different rule for the tail part, click the more button Pinnacle Studio image004 The Filename panel. This opens a dialog window with two dropdown lists. The first lets you choose between “original” and “custom” for the stem. You can use this if you ever want to revert to importing files under their original names. The second dropdown, which is displayed only for custom names, gives the available rules for generating the tail part:

·    Number: This is the same rule used by other media types to avoid name collisions. If your stem is “Parade”, the first file copied will be named “Parade” (plus the original file extension), the second will be named “Parade_001”, and the numbers then continue in sequence.

·    Creation time: The time of day when the file was created, in hours, minutes, and seconds, is used to generate file names like “Parade_20-30-00” for a file that was created at exactly 8:30 in the evening.

·    Time of day: This is like the previous option, but the time of importing the file is used.

Pinnacle Studio image005 The Filename panel

The Import Filename Configuration window.

The Filename panel