The Import To panel

After importing, your media items will be accessible as files on your computer. The Import To panel of the Import Wizard lets you specify where those files will be stored. Separate folders are available for video, audio and picture items, but the Import To panel only lists those that are relevant to the current import source, as set in the Import From panel.

As the number of media files on your system grows, it becomes increasingly useful to give some thought to how best to organize the material into folders and subfolders such that in the future you can most readily retrieve any desired item. The controls on the Import To panel are designed to automate this process to whatever degree you choose.

Working with import folders

Pinnacle Studio image001 The Import To panelUntil you specify otherwise, the Import Wizard uses the standard document folders for video, music and pictures within your Windows user account. The illustration shows a typical setup in Windows Vista. To change an import folder, click either the small folder button or the current folder path. (See “Selecting an import folder” below.)

The folders you choose for each media type, whether default or custom, serve as base locations for your imported files. In order to manage your media collection effectively, you can also specify either a custom subfolder name or a method of automatically-generating a name based on either the current date or the creation date of the imported material. Click either s“set subfolder” or the more button Pinnacle Studio 029 more button The Import To panel for the media type to access the subfolder options. (See “Setting a subfolder” below.)

For example, if you set your main video folder to “c:\vid”, and your subfolder naming method to “Current month”, any video you import will be transferred to a folder with a name like “c:\vid\2009-10”.

Fill level indicator: This bar graph shows for each import destination how much room is left on the storage device. The first part of the bar represents space zzalready occupied on the device. The colored extension shows how much room any currently-selected media files awaiting import will require.

Pinnacle Studio image003 The Import To panel

Available storage space display

Note: If a destination device reaches 98 per cent full during import, the operation is halted at that point.

Selecting an import folder

Pinnacle Studio image004 The Import To panelTo choose a different base folder for a given media type, click the corresponding folder button or folder name on the Import To panel. This opens a folder selection box where you can navigate to, and if necessary create, the folder you want to use.

Folders that contain subfolders are indicated with a plus icon to the left of the folder icon if they are currently closed, and a minus icon if they are open. Clicking the icon reverses the state of the folder.

Pinnacle Studio 030 import wizard   expand folder The Import To panel

Click the plus icon to view the contents of a folder.

To create a subfolder within the currently-selected folder, click “New Folder” at the bottom of the file selector, type a name for the folder, then press Enter.

To rename a folder, select it then either click it once with the left mouse button, or press the F2 key. An in-place edit box opens, allowing you to type over the old name with a new one of your choice. Finally, press Enter to accept or Esc to cancel the name change.

Pinnacle Studio 030 import wizard   renaming folder The Import To panel

Renaming the selected folder.

After locating and selecting the folder you want to serve as the base folder, click the OK button to approve the choice and return to the Import Wizard window.

Setting a subfolder

To designate a subfolder of the base folder as the actual import destination for the media type, click either “set subfolder” button or the more button Pinnacle Studio 030 more button The Import To panel. These buttons open a dialog window that represents an expanded version of the Import To panel, one that includes controls needed to set the subfolder name or naming method for each media type supported by the currently-selected import source.

Pinnacle Studio image007 The Import To panel

The expanded Import To dialog window for file-based media. Since files can be of any media type, controls for all three types are provided. Most other sources import only video media, and don’t show the Audio and Photo controls.

The row of controls for each media type includes a dropdown list of naming options:

·    No subfolder: With this option, the files you import will be stored in the base folder.

·    Custom: When you choose this option, an in-place edit box appears. Enter the name of the subfolder in which to store your next import or imports of the media type.

·    Today: Your imports will go to a subfolder named with the current date, in the format “2009-10-25”.

·    Creation date: Each imported file will be stored in a subfolder named with the creation date of the media, in the same format as above. When multiple media items are brought in as part of a single import operation, this may entail creating or updating multiple subfolders.

·    Current month: This is the same as the Today option but without the day portion, e.g “2009-10”.

After making your choice, click the Pinnacle Studio 031 close subfolder setup button The Import To panel button at the top right of the dialog window to return to the Import Wizard.

The Import To panel