The DVD Player Control

Pinnacle Studio 235 dvd player toggle The DVD Player ControlStudio’s Player provides a specialized set of controls for previewing movies that contain menus, patterned after the button layout on a typical DVD remote control. Switch the Player to DVD mode by clicking the DVD toggle button at the bottom right corner of the Player.

A grouping of DVD controls appears and activates below the Player preview screen:

Pinnacle Studio 235 player dvd controls The DVD Player Control

Here are the functions of the individual DVD controls:

Pinnacle Studio 235 dvd main menu button The DVD Player ControlMain menu: Jumps to the first menu in your movie and begins (or continues) playing.

Pinnacle Studio 236 dvd previous menu button The DVD Player ControlPrevious menu: Jumps to the most recently active menu and begins (or continues) playing. Clicking the button again jumps back from the menu to the most recent clip.

Pinnacle Studio 236 dvd chapter buttons The DVD Player ControlPrevious chapter, Next chapter: Clicking the Previous chapter button takes you to the start of the current chapter if you aren’t there already. Click again to move on to the previous chapter. The Next chapter button takes you forward to the next chapter in the movie. Within a menu, these buttons step backwards and forwards respectively through the menu pages.

Pinnacle Studio 236 dvd arrow controls The DVD Player ControlButton selection: The four arrow controls in this cluster move the on-screen cursor within a disc menu to select one of its buttons. The oval button in the middle of the cluster activates the currently-selected on-screen button, which is indicated by highlighting.

Activating menu buttons directly

One feature of the Player that set-top DVDs don’t have is the ability to click the buttons directly on the screen. Whenever a button is visible in the Player preview area in DVD mode, you can click it to follow the button link.

The DVD Player Control