Configuring the camera or video recorder…

Make sure your recording device is properly connected before you begin to generate the movie.

Output via IEEE-1394 cable

If your recording device has a DV input, just connect it to your digital video hardware with an IEEE-1394 (or “i.LINK”) cable. The connector at the camcorder end should be labeled dv in/out.

Note: On machines that don’t support recording back to the camcorder, including many PAL devices, the DV connector is called simply dv out.

Output with analog audio / video cables

If you have a Studio product with an analog (TV or video) output, such as Studio DVplus or DC10plus, connect the video outputs of the capture card to the inputs of the video recorder and the audio outputs of the sound card (or the capture card, if it has them) to the audio inputs of the video recorder.

Connecting a TV set or video monitor

Many camcorders have an integrated display, making it unnecessary to attach a video monitor.

Otherwise, to view your movie as it is recorded, a TV set or a video monitor must be attached to the video outputs of your recorder. Video outputs are not always available on DV camcorders.

Pinnacle Studio image001 Configuring the camera or video recorder...

Configuring the camera or video recorder…