Make Real Media file settings

The Make Real Media File options panel allows you to adjust Real Media file settings. These configure the creation of files that are to be played back with the popular RealNetworks® RealPlayer®, free for the download from

Pinnacle Studio image001 Make Real Media file settings

Title, Author, Copyright: These three fields are used to identify each Real Media movie, and are encoded into it so that they are not visible to the casual viewer.

Keywords: This field accepts up to 256 characters, and allows you to encode keywords into each movie. It is typically used to identify the movie for Internet search engines.

Video quality: These choices let you balance the rival requirements of image quality and frame rate.

·    No video: When this selection is made, the output file will contain audio only.

·    Normal motion video: Recommended for mixed content clips to balance video motion and image clarity.

·    Smoothest motion video: Recommended for clips that contain limited action, such as newscasts or interviews, to enhance overall video motion.

·    Sharpest image video: Recommended for high-action clips to enhance overall image clarity.

·    Slide show: The video appears as a series of still photos, providing the best overall image clarity.

Audio quality: This dropdown menu lets you choose the characteristics of your audio track. Studio uses this information to select the best audio compression for your Real Media file. Each successive option provides better audio quality but a larger resulting file.

·    No audio: When this selection is made, the output file will contain video only.

·    Voice only: This option provides adequate quality for spoken audio in clips without music.

·    Voice with background music: This option is designed for situations where, even though background music may be present, the spoken audio predominates.

·    Music: Use this option for a monaural track in which music is prominently featured.

·    Stereo music: Use this option for a stereo music track.

Web server: The RealServer option allows you to create a file that can be streamed from a RealNetworks RealServer. The RealServer supports a special feature that senses the connect speed of the viewer’s modem, and adjusts its transmission rate to suit. The option allows you to select up to seven Target audience data rates. Because the file size, and your upload time, increase with each data rate you add, select only those target audiences you think are actually needed.

To make use of the RealServer option, the ISP hosting your web-site must have the RealServer software installed. If you are unsure, contact your ISP for confirmation, or use the standard HTTP option, which allows you to optimize playback for exactly one of the Target audience options.

Target audience: This selects the target audience modem connect speed. The lower the speed, the lower the quality of the video. If you wish your viewers to be able to view your movie as it loads, you should select a target audience rate that their modems can handle.

When you select a target audience, you are actually specifying a maximum bandwidth for your RealMedia stream. Bandwidth, measured in kilobits per second (Kbps), is the amount of data that can be sent through an Internet or network connection in a given time span. Standard modems (those that use ordinary telephone lines) are classified by the bandwidth they are able to process. Common values are 28.8 and 56 Kbps.

In addition to these standard audiences, you can record clips for connection speeds of 100 Kbps, 200 Kbps, or higher. These higher bandwidths are suitable for audiences that use corporate Local Area Networks (LANs), cable modems or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modems.

Make Real Media file settings