Make tape settings

Studio automatically senses the hardware you have installed, and configures the Make Tape playback destination accordingly.

Pinnacle Studio image001 Make tape settings

If you are printing (making tape) to a DV device, you can choose to have Studio start and stop the device automatically instead of having to do it yourself.

To control printing automatically:

1.    Click the Make Movie button on the main menu bar.

The upper half of the screen changes to display the Make Movie window.

2.    Click the Tape tab.

3.    Click the Settings button. The Make tape options panel opens.

4.    Check the Automatically start and stop recording box to enable the automatic function. This setting makes it unnecessary to manually start recording in step 6.

With most DV devices there is a small delay between receiving the command to record and the actual start of recording. In Studio, this is referred to as the “record delay time”. It varies from device to device, so you may need to experiment with the value for best results with your particular device.

5.    Click OK.

6.    Click Create.

Studio renders your movie, then prompts you to press the play button on the Player. If you did not check the automatic option (step 4), you must manually start the device recording before pressing the play button; otherwise Studio itself sends the record command. Studio outputs the first frame of your movie (without audio) for the duration entered as the record delay time, giving the device time to bring the tape up to speed and begin recording.

Hint: When you play back your tape, if the first part of your movie was not recorded, you should increase the Record delay time setting. On the other hand, if your movie begins by holding onto the first frame as though it were a still photograph, you should decrease the setting.

Hint: If you wish to send black to your recording device during its record delay time, place a blank title in the video track just before the start of your movie (a blank title is video black). If you wish to record black at the end of your movie, place a blank title in the video track following the final frame of your movie.

Analog output

If you are printing to an analog device, the choice of Composite or S-Video format may be available if supported by your hardware.

Pinnacle Studio image002 Make tape settings

Output to the screen

One of the options on the Video dropdown in the Playback devices area is “VGA display”. With this option, your completed project will be played back onto your monitor screen rather than to an external device.

Make tape settings