Make Windows Media file settings

The Make Windows Media File panel lets you adjust options for creating Windows Media Player files.

Pinnacle Studio image001 Make Windows Media file settings

Title, Author, Copyright: These three fields are used to identify each Windows Media movie, and are encoded into it so they are not visible to the casual viewer.

Description: This 256-character field lets you enter keywords for encoding into the movie. It is typically used to identify the movie for Internet search engines.

Rating: Entering a rating in this field if it will be helpful to your viewers.

Profile: Choose the playback quality of your movie based on the capability of the target platform – the computer(s) that will play the movie. The exact audio and video parameters corresponding to the current choice are displayed in the space below the list. The Custom option lets you fine-tune the settings by selecting from a list of possible combinations.

Pinnacle Studio image002 Make Windows Media file settings

Markers for Media Player “Go To Bar”: You have the option of including Windows Media “file markers” in the movie file. These markers allow viewers to go directly to the beginning of any marked clip by choosing its name from a list.

·    No markers: The movie file will be created without markers.

·    Markers for every clip: Markers are automatically created for every clip in the movie. If you have not given the clip a custom name, a default one will be generated for it based on the project name.

·    Markers for named clips only: Markers are generated only for those clips to which you have given a custom name.

Make Windows Media file settings