Trimming with the Clip properties tool

Pinnacle Studio 284 audio tool icon   properties Trimming with the Clip properties toolThe Toolbox Ø Modify Clip Properties menu command invokes the Clip properties tool for the selected clip. You can also access the tool by double-clicking any audio clip.

To begin with, the tool provides controls that let you view or edit two properties shared by all clips:

·    To set the duration of the clip, change the value in the Duration counter.

·    The Name text field lets you assign a custom name to the clip to replace the default one assigned by Studio. The clip name is used by the Movie Window’s List view, and can also be viewed as a fly-by label when your mouse hovers over the clip in the Storyboard view.

The other controls provided by the tool depend on the type of audio clip you give it.

Original audio, sound effects and voice-overs

The Clip properties tool provides the same kind of trimming controls for sound-effect and voice-over clips as for video clips, but displays a graph of the audio waveform instead of visual preview areas.

 Click here to learn about trimming with these controls.

Remember that clips on the original audio and the overlay audio tracks can only be edited independently when the corresponding video track is locked. Click here for details.

Pinnacle Studio image002 Trimming with the Clip properties tool

CD Audio

For CD Audio clips, the Clip properties tool uses the same trimming controls as above, but additionally provides dropdown selectors for CD Title and Track. You can use these to change the source of the clip at any time. CD Title is also an editable text field, so you can enter the actual title of the CD.


ScoreFitter clips can be edited to almost any length, except that very short clips at some particular durations may not be available in every combination of Style and Song. This tool is essentially identical to the tool for creating ScoreFitter clips, except that the Add to movie button is replaced by an Accept changes button.

Trimming with the Clip properties tool