The Disc Menus section

Pinnacle Studio 076 album tab   menus The Disc Menus sectionThis section of the Album contains a collection of artist-designed menus for VCD, S-VCD and DVD authoring. Menus in Studio are really specialized “classic” titles: they can be created and edited in the Classic Title Editor, and either saved from the editor into a disk folder or incorporated directly into your movie.

As with video scenes and other visual resources, disc menus that are in use in your movie are distinguished in the Album by a checkmark symbol.

Click here for information on using disc menus in your movie.

The Disc Menus folder: The icons in the Disc Menus section represent files in the folder named at the top left of the section. Menus can be added to the section by storing them in this folder. You can also select a different folder to be the source of the section.

The motion background symbol: Some of the menus supplied with Studio incorporate a background of moving video rather than a static picture, and you can also create such menus yourself. This “motion background” can help give a professional look to your finished disc.

Availability: The motion background feature is available in Studio Ultimate only. See Adding a motion background for information on creating or editing a moving video background.

Menus with motion backgrounds are indicated by a small symbol Pinnacle Studio 076 motion background symbol The Disc Menus section in the bottom right-hand corner of the Album icon.

Obtaining additional disc menus

Besides those installed with Studio, additional disc menus are available for purchase through the Pinnacle web-site. See Expanding Studio for more information about purchasing premium content for Studio.

The Disc Menus section