The Sound Effects section

Pinnacle Studio 078 album tab   sound effects The Sound Effects sectionStudio comes with a wide range of ready-to-use sound effects. These wav files are installed into a number of folders, covering categories such as “animals”, “bells” and “cartoons”.

The Sound Effects folder: This section of the Album displays the sound files contained in one disk folder, named at the top left of the section. You can display the sounds in a different folder – not necessarily one of those installed by Studio – by selecting that folder to be the source for the section.

Besides wav (Windows “wave”) files, files in mp3 format, avi animation files, and other types are also displayed in this section of the Album, and may be drawn upon for supplemental audio in your productions.

Any sound clip can be previewed simply by clicking its name or icon.

Click here for information on using sounds in your movie.

Obtaining more sound effects

Besides those installed with Studio, additional sound effects are available for purchase through the Pinnacle web-site.

See Expanding Studio for more information about purchasing premium content for Studio.

The Sound Effects section