The Titles section

Pinnacle Studio 073 album tab   titles The Titles sectionThis section of the Album contains a collection of text and graphic titles in a variety of styles. They can be used in your movie as either full-screen or overlay titles. The difference is that in an overlay title the transparent background is replaced by other material (usually a video clip), whereas in a full-screen title, any transparent areas of the background are replaced with black.

Studio supports two title formats. Both allow you to combine decorative text with graphic shapes and images, but each has specialized properties, and its own editing tools.

·    Classic titles are primarily static, but allow simple animation in the form of text ‘crawls’ and ‘rolls’. The Classic Title editor also supports advanced text formatting such as variable character and line spacing. Most importantly, the Classic Title editor can also be used for visual editing of disc menus.

·    Motion titles provide fewer special text operations, and cannot be used to edit disc menus. As the name suggests, however, these titles support a rich set of customizable animation routines, which can be applied to invidual elements – text or graphic – to produce dynamic visual compositions. The thumbnail versions of motion titles are distinguished by a special symbol in your project.

Pinnacle Studio image002 The Titles sectionIn the Album, a gray checkerboard is used to indicate the portion of a title that will be treated as transparent in overlays. (If you prefer a black background, use the Album Ø Black background menu command.) As with video scenes, titles that have been added to your current project are indicated in the Album by a checkmark symbol.

With Studio’s built-in title editors, you can readily create your own titles when needed. However, you may find it easier still to start with one of the supplied titles, of either type, and customize it in the corresponding editor.

The Titles folder: The icons in the Titles section represent files in the folder named at the top left of the section. Each folder contains either classic or motion titles. The special folders “My Motion Titles” and “My Classic Titles” provide default locations for storing titles that you have created or modified yourself. You can also select a different folder to be the source of the section.

Click here for information on using classic titles, and here to learn about motion titles.

The Titles section