The Transitions section

Pinnacle Studio 069 album tab   transitions The Transitions sectionThe Transitions section of the Album provides a large set of drag-and-drop clip transitions. To keep things manageable, the transitions are divided into groups. Use the dropdown list to select which group of transitions you want to view.

Click here to learn about transitions, and how you can use them in your movies.

Pinnacle Studio image002 The Transitions section

Studio’s transitions collection includes 74 standard transitions, more than 100 Alpha Magic transitions, and a starting set of unrestricted Hollywood FX 3-D transitions.

Obtaining more transitions

Besides those installed with Studio, additional packs of Hollywood FX transitions are available for purchase through the Pinnacle web-site.

See Expanding Studio for more information about purchasing premium content for Studio.

Displaying the transition name

Pinnacle Studio image003 The Transitions sectionAs you move the mouse pointer over the transition icons in the Album, the pointer changes to a grabber symbol (indicating that the transition can be dragged from the Album to the Movie Window). If you pause momentarily on the icon, the name of the transition is displayed. The display persists for several seconds or until your mouse pointer moves off the transition.

Previewing transition effects

When you click on a transition icon, the Player demonstrates the transition using the convention that “A” represents the original clip and “B” the new clip. The demonstration cycles for as long as the icon remains selected.

Pinnacle Studio 072 transition demo The Transitions section

To see a detailed view, stop the Player and use the jog buttons (Frame reverse and Frame forward) to step through the transition one frame at a time.

The Transitions section