Comment view

In the default view for the Scenes mode of the Videos section, known as Thumbnail view, each scene is represented by a thumbnail frame icon. To see more information about each scene, switch to Comment view using any of the methods described under View options.

In comment view, editable captions are displayed for Album scenes. The usage of these captions is up to you: they might be search keywords, or scene names, or text comments describing the scene content. The default caption is generated from the scene’s sequence number and duration (e.g. “Scene 3, 7:21”).

Pinnacle Studio image001 Comment view

If you click on a video scene, an in-place text field appears, allow­ing you to enter the custom name or comment.

Pinnacle Studio image002 Comment view

Selecting scenes by name

A related option lets you select video scenes by scanning for keywords in the comments. Use Album Ø Select By Name to open this dialog box:

Pinnacle Studio image003 Comment view

Enter a keyword into the text field and click OK to highlight all Album scenes whose caption contains the keyword. The default captions are not searched – only the ones you have customized.

Pinnacle Studio image004 Comment view

Comment view