Redetecting scenes

If you combine or subdivide scenes and later decide that you’d prefer to restore them to their original state, you may redetect any scene or selection of scenes. The detection results are identical to those originally obtained, provided the same scene detection technique is used.

If you have subdivided scenes, you must first recombine them. Even if you cannot exactly recall the initial state and so recombine more than is necessary, the detection process will restore the original scene sequence.

To redetect scenes:

1.    If you need to recombine any scenes, first select the subdivided scenes, then apply the Album Ø Combine Scenes menu command.

2.    Select the scenes you wish to redetect.

3.    From the Album menu, select either Detect Scenes by Video Content or Detect Scenes by Shooting Time and Date.

A progress window appears as Studio detects the scenes and repopulates the Album.

Redetecting scenes