Selecting scenes and files

Studio offers a variety of ways to select scenes, files and folders in the Videos section of the Album. Selected video scenes are indicated by a highlighted border. Selected folders and video files are shown with text highlighting.

Pinnacle Studio 062 selected scene Selecting scenes and files

Selected scenes have a highlighted border (center).

Selection techniques follow standard Windows conventions. Use any of the following, separately or in combination:

·    Choose the Edit Ø Select All menu command or press Ctrl+A to select all the scenes (or files and folders) currently displaying in the Album, including those on other pages.

·    Shift-click to select a range of neighboring items.

·    Ctrl-click to add or remove individual items from the selection.

·    Starting with the mouse pointer over a blank area of the Album page, click and drag to “marquee” an area, selecting all the items that intersect the area.

·    Use the arrow keys to navigate the Album grid. Use the arrows in combination with Shift to select items as you go.

Pinnacle Studio image002 Selecting scenes and files

Selected folders and video files have highlighted text. Note the star on the folder ‘2008’, indicating that it has been designated a favorite.

Selecting scenes and files