Viewing video

Individual or multiple scenes in an open video file can be viewed at any time.

To view video starting at a selected scene:

1.    Click on the scene’s icon in the Album.

The Player displays the first frame of the selected scene.

2.    Click the Play button in the Player.

The Player now plays the selected scenes and any subsequent ones. Progress is indicated in three ways.

·    The scenes highlight successively as they are played.

·    The Player scrubber shows the current point of play relative to the entire movie.

·    Scene thumbnails display a progress bar during preview. As you continue to view your captured video, the progress bar moves from one thumbnail to the next.

Pinnacle Studio 061 scene icon progress Viewing video

Previewing digital video files

When a video file is selected in Files mode, you can use the Player to preview the video without actually opening the file into Scenes mode.

Pinnacle Studio image002 Viewing video

Viewing video