The Classic Title Editor Album

The Classic Title Editor Album is the rectangular panel on the right-hand side of the Classic Title Editor screen. It contains resources for building menus and titles in the same way that the main Studio Album contains resources for creating movies.

Pinnacle Studio 262 album resource buttons The Classic Title Editor AlbumThe Classic Title Editor Album is controlled by the four buttons shown at left, which are located between the Edit Window and the Album itself. Each button opens one of the four Album sections: the Looks Browser, the Backgrounds section, the Pictures section and the Buttons section.

The fourth of these buttons, the one that opens the Buttons section, appears only when a menu or a title from the main Video track is being created or edited. This is because disc menus (which from the Classic Title Editor’s point of view are just titles with buttons), are not allowed on the Movie Window’s other Timeline tracks.

ð The Looks Browser

ð The Backgrounds section

ð The Pictures section

ð The Buttons section

The Classic Title Editor Album