Editing-mode selection buttons

Pinnacle Studio 255 editing mode selection buttons Editing mode selection buttonsThese two buttons form the second cluster along the bottom of the Classic Title Editor’s Edit Window. Their function is to govern which of two sets of editing operations is available for the currently-selected object.

·    The first button is on by default when an object is newly created. It enables the move, scale and rotate operations with a selection frame containing nine control points:

Pinnacle Studio image002 Editing mode selection buttons

·    Clicking the second button enables the skew operation, which requires only a single control point.

Pinnacle Studio image003 Editing mode selection buttons

With text objects, the second button provides two further operations, kern and change leading, accessed by control points in the center of each edge of the text frame:

Pinnacle Studio 257 kern and change leading Editing mode selection buttons

Kern (L) and Change leading (R)

Editing-mode selection buttons