Text-styling controls

Pinnacle Studio 260 text styling controls Text styling controls

The controls in this cluster at the top right of the Classic Title Editor’s Edit Window should look familiar to anyone who has used word-processing software. The controls apply both to currently-selected text and to any new text that may be entered until the settings are changed again.

At the left are three font style buttons, which select the bold, italic or underlined styles respectively.

Perhaps surprisingly, the underlined style button – alone among these controls – can be applied to any type of object, not just text (try it!). This makes it possible to use the underlined highlighting style with buttons created from graphic objects: rectangles, ellipses and pictures.

Pinnacle Studio image002 Text styling controlsThe fourth button opens a pop-out menu of text-formatting options. Unlike the other controls in the cluster, which govern the appearance of individual characters, the options on this menu apply to all the text in a given text box.

The three justification options – Left, Center and Right – affect the placement of the text within its box (and not the placement of the box itself within the Edit Window, which is the function of the object justification menu Pinnacle Studio 261 justify button Text styling controls).

Shrink to fit, Scale to fit, Word wrap on and Word wrap off are options that determine how your text is treated when you resize a text box. With Word wrap on, which is the default for a new text box, resizing the box results in the text being reformatted – word-wrapped – to the new box width (while the resulting new height of the text in turn governs the height of the box). Word wrap off removes all “soft” line breaks (line breaks added for word wrapping), then makes the box as wide as necessary to contain the text. Word wrap mode is automatically turned on again if you type further characters into the text box.

With Scale to fit, the text is stretched during resizing to follow both box dimensions. With Shrink to fit, the text remains its original size unless the box is made smaller, in which case the text is resized as in Scale to fit. Neither to fit command changes the line divisions of the text.

The font dropdown list and the font-size selector complete the text-styling controls group.

Text-styling controls