Title-type buttons

Pinnacle Studio 250 title type buttons Title type buttonsThe four buttons in this cluster sit on the left side of the screen above the Classic Title Editor’s Edit Window. Only one of them can be selected at a time. Choose the first button if you are creating a still title. The second creates a roll, in which the title text and graphics travel upwards on the screen as the title displays, like the credits at the end of a move. The third creates a crawl, in which the title is displayed as a single line of text moving from right to left across the screen like the bulletins on a TV news show.

Availability: Rolls and crawls are supported in Studio Ultimate only.

The fourth button is for creating disc menus, which you can usefully think of as “titles with buttons”. In fact, a menu is just like any other title except for two attributes:

·    A menu has at least one button. A title has none. Adding a button to a title turns it into a menu, and deleting the last button on a menu turns it into a title. By the same token, if you click the Menu button while editing a title, Studio automatically adds a button to the title.

·    A menu cannot have rolling or crawling text. The Classic Title Editor does not allow you to add menu buttons to a rolled or crawled title.

Because disc menus are allowed only on the main Video track of the Movie Window Timeline, the button for creating disc menus does not appear when a title from one of the other tracks is being created or edited.

Title-type buttons