The Background Panel

Unlike the foreground layers in a motion title, the special background layer does not appear in the Layer List, and is not modifiable in the Edit Window. Instead, the background is controlled from the Background Panel at the bottom left of the Motion Titler.

Pinnacle Studio image001 The Background Panel

The Background Panel lets you create the background layer of a motion title. The preview area at the bottom shows the current content of the background without transparency or foreground layers. The area also serves as a target for dropping videos or images from the Motion Titler Album.

The default background for a motion title is fully transparent. If your motion title is on Studio’s overlay track or title track, any video or other images on the video track will be visible behind the title foreground.

Pinnacle Studio 272 mt editing   bg color The Background PanelTo create a solid background, click either the color swatch button or the eyedropper button. The first brings up a standard color selection dialog, and the second allows you to pick up a color from anywhere on your computer’s display, inside or outside Studio’s own window.

To use video or a still image as your background, drag the item down from the Videos, Photos or Objects sections of the Motion Titler Album, and drop it on the preview area of the Background Panel.

Pinnacle Studio 272 mt editing   bg opacity The Background PanelTo make the background translucent, position the knob on the opacity slider anywhere between fully transparent (all the way to the left) and fully opaque.

To reset the background to its default state, click the trashcan button.

The Background Panel