The Motion Titler Album

The Motion Titler Album is a tabbed panel on the left-hand side of the Motion Titler screen. It contains resources for building motion titles in the same way that the main Studio Album contains resources for creating movies.

Pinnacle Studio 270 mt album section – eg photos The Motion Titler Album

The Videos and Photos (shown here) sections of the Motion Titler Album are functionally identical to the equivalent sections in Edit mode. The other three sections contain special resources for motion titles.

The Motion Titler Album has five sections, each opened by its own tab button:

Pinnacle Studio 270 mt album tabs   videos The Motion Titler Album·    The Videos section provides video materials for your title. Although the layout is a little different, this is the same section as in Edit mode, with the same capabilities. Any changes, such as selecting a new video, or switching to Scenes mode, affect both simultaneously.

Pinnacle Studio 270 mt album tabs   photos The Motion Titler Album·    The Photos section  is also the same as its equivalent Album section, Photos and Frame Grabs.

Pinnacle Studio 270 mt album tabs   objects The Motion Titler Album·    The Objects section contains a collection of graphic objects that you can use to decorate your titles. Individual objects can be sized, positioned and rotated as needed.

Pinnacle Studio 270 mt album tabs   looks The Motion Titler Album·    The Looks section is where you can define the visual styling of a text or shape layer in your title. You can use one of the numerous preset looks, or define your own in terms of one or more face, edge and shadow components.

Pinnacle Studio 270 mt album tabs   motions The Motion Titler Album·    The Motions section puts the excitement in your motion titles. Motions are animation programs that are most often applied to text but will work with any type of layer. Separate animations can be applied to the beginning, middle and end phases of any layer’s lifespan.

Adding Album resources to a title

To add a video, photo or object to the title, double-click its icon, or drag it from the Album into the Edit Window, or choose Add to motion title from the icon’s context menu. In all cases the new element is created at a default size in the center of the Edit Window, whereupon you can move, resize or rotate it as you like.

Looks can be applied to the currently-selected text or shape layer in the Edit Window either by double-clicking or by drag-and-drop. Looks cannot be used with layers of other types. If the layer to which a look is being applied is of the text type, and the text it contains is only partially selected, the look is applied only to the selected range.

To add a motion to any element, double-click it while that element is selected, or drag it onto the element either in the Edit Window or the Layer List.

If multiple layers are selected, double-clicking a look or a motion adds it simultaneously to all of them.

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The Motion Titler Album