The Videos section

Pinnacle Studio 271 mt album tabs   videos The Videos sectionThe Videos section of the Motion Titler Album will look familiar to anyone who has spent time in Studio’s Edit mode, for it is simply another view of the same section in the main Album. Despite minor differences in the layout of the controls, the functionality is exactly the same.

Pinnacle Studio image002 The Videos section

With the Videos Album in Scenes mode, double-click scenes to add them to your motion title, or drag them into the Edit Window, or right-click the scene and choose ‘Add to motion title’ from the context menu. Another way to use video is by dragging to the Background Panel.

To add a video file or scene to your motion title as a layer, use any of the following methods:

·    Double-click the video in the Album.

·    Drag the video from the Album and drop it onto the Edit Window.

·    Right-click the video in the Album and select Add to motion title from the context menu.

In all of these cases, the video is added as a full-size layer to the Edit Window, where it can be resized, moved and rotated like other layers to fit your composition.

To add a video file or scene as the background of your motion title, drag it from the Album to the Background Panel at the bottom left of the titler display.

The Videos section