The toolboxes

The toolboxes provide a convenient point-and-click interface for editing operations – adding clips to your movie, modifying existing clips and applying special effects. Studio provides separate toolboxes for video and for audio operations.

The toolboxes are available only in Edit mode. They are opened and closed with the buttons at the top left of the Movie Window.

Pinnacle Studio image001 The toolboxes

Select the toolbox you want to open by moving your cursor over the icons. The individual buttons highlight, indicating which toolbox will open when you click. The Album is then replaced by the toolbox display, which contains two main areas:

·    Tool selector buttons in a panel on the left. Clicking one of these opens the corresponding tool.

·    The currently-selected tool on the right. Double-clicking a clip in the Movie Window also displays the corresponding tool (except for title clips, which are opened directly in the appropriate title editor when you double-click).

Pinnacle Studio image002 The toolboxes

All the tool-selector buttons, except the top one in each set, open specialized tools. The top button in both toolboxes is the Clip properties tool. It displays a tool appropriate for trimming and otherwise editing the type of clip currently selected in the Movie Window.

The title editors

Studio includes a pair of powerful tools that are not directly accessed through the toolboxes. These tools, the Classic Title Editor and the Motion Titler, let you combine text, images and other graphic resources to make titles and disc menus for your Studio productions. Access the title editors through the Title and Disc menu tools, or with the Go to Classic Title/Menu Editor and Go to Motion Title Editor commands from the right-button context menu in the Movie Window.

ð The Video toolbox

ð The Audio toolbox

The toolboxes