The Audio toolbox

The six tools in this set operate on or create audio clips – “original” audio, voice-overs, sound effects and other audio files, CD tracks and SmartSound back­ground music.

Pinnacle Studio image001 The Audio toolbox

Pinnacle Studio 102 audio tool icon   properties The Audio toolboxClip properties: The Clip properties tool lets you adjust (“trim”) the start and end times of any type of clip. You can also enter a descriptive name for the clip to replace the default name if desired. (Clip names are displayed when the Movie Window is in Text view.) The tool’s other controls vary depending on the type of clip.

Pinnacle Studio 103 audio tool icon   vol and bal The Audio toolboxVolume and balance: This tool gives you master volume controls for each of the three audio tracks: original audio (audio captured with video), sound effects and voice-overs and background music. It also enables you to mute any or all of the tracks, and to add real-time volume fades. Use the balance and surround control to position each track independently of the other two in a one-dimensional stereo or two-dimensional surround-sound space. When the overlay track is open, the tool provides a fourth set of controls, which affect the overlay audio track.

Availability: Surround sound is supported in Studio Ultimate only.

Pinnacle Studio 103 audio tool icon   voice overs The Audio toolboxRecord voice-overs: To record a voice-over, simply click the Record button and begin speaking into your microphone.

Pinnacle Studio 103 audio tool icon   cd audio The Audio toolboxAdd CD audio: Use this tool to add tracks, in whole or in part, from an audio CD.

Pinnacle Studio 104 audio tool icon   music The Audio toolboxBackground music: This tool lets you add background music using ScoreFitter, Studio’s powerful music generator. Choose a style, song, and version. Studio will create a musical soundtrack that matches the duration of your movie.

Pinnacle Studio 104 audio tool icon   effects The Audio toolboxAudio effects: This tool lets you apply plug-in effects to any audio clip. The popular VST standard for audio plug-ins is supported, enabling you to augment your library with add-on and third party effects. A configurable noise reduction filter is supplied as a standard effect. Effects available in Studio Ultimate also include both graphic and parametric EQ, reverb, chorus and others.

Some “watermarked” premium effects may also be included for you to try out, with others available through the Pinnacle web-site by clicking the More effects… “category” in the audio effects browser. See Expanding Studio for information about purchasing premium content for Studio.

The Audio toolbox