The Video toolbox

The seven tools in this toolbox modify or create visual clip types, including video clips, themes, titles, still images and disc menus.

Pinnacle Studio image001 The Video toolbox

Pinnacle Studio 099 video tool icon   properties The Video toolboxClip properties: The Clip properties tool adjusts the start and end times of any type of clip. This is called “trimming”. The tool also allows you to type in a descriptive name for the clip. The tool also presents additional interface components appropriate to the type of clip being edited.

Pinnacle Studio 100 video tool icon   themes The Video toolboxThemes: The Theme editor tool lets you customize clips created from “theme templates”. The tool includes a mini-Album from which you can import video and photos to be used in the theme clip. Some theme templates also provide text captions or other parameters that allow customization.

Pinnacle Studio 100 video tool icon   titles The Video toolboxTitles: This tool lets you edit the names and lengths of titles. Depending on the type of title you select, the Edit Title button provides access to the Classic Title Editor or the Motion Titler, where you can change the text and appearance of the title.

Pinnacle Studio 100 video tool icon   disc menus The Video toolboxDisc menus: The Disc menu tool has a number of controls for editing the links between the buttons on a disc menu and entry points into your movie called chapter marks, which are represented on the menu track in the Movie Window. The Edit Menu button opens the Classic Title Editor, where you can modify the visual appearance of a menu.

Pinnacle Studio 100 video tool icon   frame grabber The Video toolboxFrame grabber: This tool takes a snapshot of a single frame from your movie. You can use the grabbed frame in your movie, or save it for use in other applications.

Pinnacle Studio 100 video tool icon   smartmovie The Video toolboxSmartMovie: This tool automatically combines your source footage with the digital song file of your choice to create a music video in any of a variety of styles.

Pinnacle Studio 101 video tool icon   pip and ck The Video toolboxPIP and chroma key tool: The PIP and Chroma Key controls occupy separate tabs on the same tool window, so this can be thought of as really two tools in one. It provides an alternative, graphical interface to the Picture-in-picture and Chroma key effects.

Pinnacle Studio 101 video tool icon   effects The Video toolboxVideo effects: Studio provides numerous plug-in video effects with this tool. Each video clip, theme clip or still image in your project can use effects, whether alone or in combination.

Along with its basic library of useful effects, Studio provides some “locked” premium effects that you can try out. See Expanding Studio for information about purchasing premium content for Studio, including varied collections of video effects.

The Video toolbox