Technical help on-line

The Pinnacle Support Knowledge Base is a searchable archive of thousands of regularly-updated articles about the most common questions and issues users have regarding Studio and other Pinnacle products. Use the knowledge base to find answers to any questions you may have about installing, using or troubleshooting Pinnacle Studio.

Access the knowledge base with your web browser by visiting:

The knowledge base home page will appear. You don’t have to register to browse the knowledge base, but if you want to send a specific question to technical support staff you will need to create a knowledge base account. Please read any knowledge base articles relevant to your inquiry before contacting technical support.

Using the knowledge base

In the Product dropdown, select “Studio Version 14”. If appropriate, you can also select a Sub-Product, a Category, or both. Selecting a sub-product or category may reduce the number of irrelevant hits you will get from your search, but may also eliminate helpful articles of a more general nature. If you’re not sure what category to pick, leave the selection at All Categories.

To search for an article, type a short phrase or group of keywords in the text box. Don’t get too wordy; the search works best when given just a few words.

Search example

In the list below of common troubleshooting issues, the first item is, “Studio crashes or hangs in Edit mode”.

Type “Crash in edit mode” in the search box and click the Search button. You should get back somewhere between 60 and 150 hits. The very first one, “Studio crashes in Edit”, lists the known causes for this issue and their remedies.

If you search instead on the single keyword “Crash”, you will get far fewer hits, all relating to crashes in Studio.

If one search does not turn up an article that seems relevant to your problem, try modifying the search by choosing a different set of keywords. You can also use the Search by and Sort by options to select for specific or popular articles.

Searching by Answer ID

If you know the Answer ID number of the answer you’re looking for, you can access the item directly. For example, if you are getting a capture error when you press the Capture button, someone might refer you to knowledge base article 2687, “I am getting a capture error with Studio”. In the Search by dropdown, select “Answer ID”, enter the ID number in the text box, and click Search.

Technical help on-line