Errors or crashes during installation

Answer ID 13122

Errors during the installation of Studio may appear as a dialog box with the title “CRC Error”, “Feature Transfer Error” or “I/O Error”. In other circumstances, the install routine may crash or appear to freeze. In all such cases, try the following steps in turn until the problem is resolved:

·    Inspect the discs: Check each disc’s surface for dirt, smudges and fingerprints. Clean off the disc with a soft cloth if necessary. Avoid using paper towels or any other material that could be abrasive and scratch the disc. Wipe from the center of the disc to the outer edge. Don’t use a circular motion. Once the disc is clean, retry the installation.

If the disc is damaged with deep scratches or cracks so that it won’t install, please contact Pinnacle support for a replacement.

·    Try another drive: If you have a second optical drive of a compatible type, try installing from it.

·    Prune your startup: If you are familiar with the msconfig utility, follow the procedure to eliminate programs run at Windows startup that could interfere with the Windows installer.

·    Install from the hard drive: In this procedure, you boot into Window Safe Mode, copy the contents of the Studio installation disc onto your hard drive, then execute the install from there. We recommend consulting Answer ID 13122 on the Pinnacle web-site for the latest advice on this approach.

Errors or crashes during installation