A/B editing

The second video track in Studio Ultimate often simplifies standard operations such as insert edits and split edits (L-cuts and J-cuts).

An insert edit, for instance, becomes a trivial operation: simply drag the clip to be inserted onto the overlay track, and trim it as desired. (See The Picture-in-picture tool if you want the second video to appear at reduced size so that only part of the main video is obscured.)

Pinnacle Studio 178 overlay track   insert edit A/B editing

An insert edit on the overlay track. The main video is obscured while the B clip is playing.

In the J-cut and the L-cut, the audio portion of a clip begins a little before (J) or a little after (L) the video. They are often used together to soften the start and end of an inserted clip.

Pinnacle Studio 179 overlay track   split edit A/B editing

Split editing on the overlay track. The overlay video track has been locked, allowing the B clip’s audio to be trimmed. The main audio can be reduced or muted as needed.

A/B editing