Introducing the overlay track

Upon installation, the Timeline displays the five tracks familiar to long-time Studio users: the video track with its original audio track, and the title, sound effect and music tracks.

To open the overlay track, drag a video clip from the Album Œ into the Movie Window and drop it on the title track . The overlay track instantly appears with the clip properly positioned upon it Ž.

Pinnacle Studio 176 open overlay track Introducing the overlay track

Drop video on the title track to open the overlay track.

Along with the overlay track, Studio adds an overlay audio track to accommodate the video clip’s original audio information.

Once the overlay video and audio tracks have been opened, Studio no longer accepts video clips on the title track. Drag clips from the Album directly onto either the video or overlay track as required.

Pinnacle Studio 177 overlay video on timeline Introducing the overlay track

Video clips on the video and overlay tracks.

Displaying and hiding the overlay track

As we have just seen, the overlay video and audio tracks are displayed when you add your first overlay clip. Similarly, when you remove the last clip from these tracks, Studio again hides them from view.

This default behavior help keep the Movie Window uncluttered, but if you are making frequent use of overlay video, you might prefer to have the track visible at all times. This can be achieved by activating the Always show overlay track command on the pop-up “context” menu that appears when you click on the Movie Window with your right mouse button.

Pinnacle Studio image003 Introducing the overlay track

Introducing the overlay track