Playback controls

The Player presents either of two sets of playback controls depending on the playback mode you choose.

When you play your movie back as ordinary video, you will be using the standard playback controls. If your movie uses disc menu navigation, you can play it back as an optical disc with interactive on-screen menus by using the DVD playback controls. Both groups of controls are covered below.

Pinnacle Studio 013 full screen button Playback controlsThe full-screen preview button: This button, just above the top right-hand corner of the preview window, switches to a full-screen preview. It is available in both playback modes. On a single-monitor system, the full-screen display ends when your movie ends, or you double-click the screen or press the Esc key. See the Video preview options in the Video and Audio Preferences panel for settings that apply to multiple-monitor systems.

The Video preview options on the Video and audio preferences options panel let you direct the full-screen preview to the secondary monitor on your system if there is one. In Studio Ultimate, you can simultaneously send your preview to an external device, if desired.

Standard playback controls

These buttons control playback in the Player.

Pinnacle Studio 014 player buttons   play pause Playback controlsPlay / Pause: The Play button previews the movie from the current position. Once preview begins, Play becomes Pause. When playback is paused, the Album scene or Movie Window clip at which previewing stopped remains selected. The [Space] key can also be used to start and stop playback.

Pinnacle Studio 014 player buttons   start Playback controlsGo to beginning: This button halts playback and skips back to the first frame of the material being previewed.

Pinnacle Studio 014 player buttons   ff rewind Playback controlsFast reverse, Fast forward: These buttons let you preview your movie at two, four or ten times the normal speed, in either direction. Use them to scan for a particular piece of video you want to work with. Click the buttons repeatedly to loop through the speed factors.

Pinnacle Studio 015 player buttons   loop Playback controlsLoop: This button causes the currently-selected clips in the Movie Window to play back repeatedly. This feature is especially convenient whilst selecting and editing add-on effects and transitions. Click any playback button to halt looping. The loop button lights up while looping is active. Looping is maintained even if you switch playback speeds.

Pinnacle Studio 015 player buttons   jog Playback controlsJog buttons: This pair of controls normally steps your movie forward and backward by one frame at a time. To step by seconds, minutes or hours instead of frames, select the corresponding field in the counter (see below), then use the jog buttons to modify it.

The Player scrubber

Use the Player scrubber to quickly traverse your captured video or edited movie in either direction. The scrubber position corresponds to the position of the current frame in the captured video file (not just the current scene) or in the edited movie (not just the current clip). Thus the scrubber bar always represents the entire length of the content being viewed.

Pinnacle Studio 015 player scrubber Playback controls

As you move the scrubber, the preview window shows the current frame. If you have activated the audio scrubbing button in the Movie Window, you will also hear snatches of your movie’s audio as you scrub.

The ability of the preview to keep up with the scrubber depends on the speed of your computer. If you move the Player scrubber slowly, the preview display responds smoothly. As you increase the rate at which you move the scrubber, the preview will jump frames. The point at which it does so depends on your hardware. The smoothness of the preview also diminishes as the overall length of the material being scrubbed increases.

The counter

Pinnacle Studio image008 Playback controlsThe counter displays the current playback position in hours, minutes, seconds and frames. You can directly modify the counter fields to select an exact frame to view or at which to start playback. Simply click on the number you wish to change and type a new value. To move to a different field, click again or use the Left and Right arrow keys.

You can also modify the value in a selected field by using the jog buttons beside the counter or the Up and Down arrow keys.

The master volume slider

Pinnacle Studio 016 player volume slider Playback controls

This control sets the overall audio volume during preview playback. It is equivalent to turning up the master volume on your sound card using the system volume tool. It does not affect the volume of the final movie Studio creates in Make Movie mode.

The small loudspeaker icon at the right of the control serves as a master mute button during playback.

DVD playback controls

Pinnacle Studio  Playback controls ontent/uploads/sub/pinnaclestudio/en/source/extfile/help_imgs/017 player dvd controls.png" align="left" hspace="12">These controls include the four standard transport buttons detailed above (Play/Pause, Fast reverse, Fast forward, Go to beginning) plus the DVD Player Control, which is described here.

Playback controls