The Player

The Player displays a preview of your edited movie, or of the item currently selected in the Album.

It consists of two main areas: a preview window and playback controls. The preview window displays video images. The playback controls allow you to play the video, or go to an exact position within it. These controls come in two formats: standard and DVD.

Standard mode

The standard playback controls are similar to those on a camcorder or VCR. They are used for viewing ordinary video.

Pinnacle Studio image001 The Player

DVD mode

The DVD playback controls emulate the navigation controls on a DVD player or remote control. Use them for previewing your DVD or other disc productions, including menu interaction.

Pinnacle Studio image002 The Player

The preview window

This is a point of focus in Studio because you use it so often, especially for previewing your movie. It can also be used to display:

·    Any type of Album content.

·    Still images or titles from your movie.

·    Changes to video effects in real time while you adjust the parameter controls for the effects.

·    Still frames from your video.

While viewing a still frame, you can step by as little as a single frame in either direction with the “jog” controls.

Resizing  the video preview

If your screen dimensions permit, Studio lets you enlarge the Player – and therefore the video preview – by means of the Player size slider. This control appears above the Player to the left of the Undo button when reorganizing the display is possible.

Pinnacle Studio 013 player size slider The Player

Drag the control knob rightwards to increase the Player size, or leftwards to decrease it. The leftmost knob position corresponds to the smallest size, which is also the default.

Pinnacle Studio image004 The Player

Resizing the Player optimizes your use of screen “real estate” to obtain a larger video preview.

The DVD toggle button

Pinnacle Studio 013 dvd toggle button The PlayerSwitch between the two playback modes with the DVD toggle button at the bottom right-hand corner of the Player. This button is only available when your edited movie contains at least one menu.

The Player