Splitting and combining clips

If you want to insert one clip on the video track into the middle of another clip, split the latter into two parts then insert the new item. “Splitting” a clip actually results in it being duplicated. Both clips are then automatically trimmed so that the first ends at the split point and the second begins there.

To split a clip in Timeline view:

1.    Choose the split point.

You may use any method that adjusts the current position, such as moving the Timeline scrubber, clicking Play and then Pause, or editing the counter value in the Player.

2.    Either right-click within the clip you wish to split and select Split Clip from the pop-up menu; or, make certain the edit line is positioned where you wish to split the clip, and click the Split clip (razorblade) button.

The clip is split at the current position.

To restore a split clip:

·    Use the Undo button (or press Ctrl+Z). Even if you have performed other actions since you split the clip, the multilevel undo allows you to step back as far as needed. Or,

·    If undoing is not desirable because of intervening actions that you don’t want to discard, you can replace both halves of the split clip with the original from the Album. Or,

·    Delete one half of the split clip, and trim out the other.

To combine clips in the Movie Window:

Select the clips you wish to combine, then right-click and choose Combine Clips.

The operation is allowed only if the combination of clips will also be a valid clip – that is, a continuous excerpt of the source video. On the Timeline, clips that can be combined meet along a dotted edge.

Splitting and combining clips