Trimming video clips

In general, captured video scenes contain more material than you actually require for your movie. “Trimming” – the process of adjusting the in and out points of a clip to remove unwanted footage – is a fundamental editing operation.

No data is lost by trimming: Studio sets new start and end points for the clip in the Movie Window, but the source of the clip – the original Album scene – remains intact. This means you can always reset clips to their original state, or select different trim points.

Studio offers two ways to trim any clip (video scenes, transitions, titles, still images, audio clips and disc menus):

·    Directly on the Timeline.

·    Using the Clip properties tool.

A video clip can be trimmed to any desired in and out points within the limits of the original scene.

ð Trimming on the Timeline using handles

ð Clip-trimming tips

ð Trimming with the Clip properties tool

ð Resetting trimmed clips

Trimming video clips