Trimming with the Clip properties tool

Pinnacle Studio 121 video tool icon   properties Trimming with the Clip properties toolAlthough it is possible to trim video clips directly on the Timeline with full frame accuracy, rapid, precise trimming is often easier to achieve with the Clip properties tool. To access this tool, select the clip you want to change, then use the Toolbox Ø Modify Clip Properties menu command, or click one of the toolbox buttons at the top left of the Movie Window. (Clicking the same button a second time will close the tool.)

In the case of video clips – in fact, any clips other than titles – you can also open and close the Clip properties tool by double-clicking the clip in any Movie Window view.

The Clip properties tool can be used to modify any kind of clip. It offers an appropriate set of controls for each type.

The Name text field: For a video clip, most of the clip property controls are for trimming. The only exception is the Name text field, which lets you assign a custom name to the clip to replace the default one assigned by Studio.

The Name field is provided on the Clip properties tool for all clip types. Clip names are used by the Movie Window’s Text view, and can also be viewed as fly-by labels when your mouse moves over clips in the Storyboard view.

Pinnacle Studio image002 Trimming with the Clip properties tool

Preview areas: Separate preview areas show the in and out frames of the trimmed clip, together with a counter and jog buttons. The layout of each preview area is similar to that of the Player during normal editing.

Setting playback position: A scrubber control across the bottom of the tool lets you set the playback position anywhere within the clip. You can also set the playback position using the counter and jog buttons located between the two preview areas.

Using the counters: The positions reported by all three counters are relative to the beginning of the clip, which is position 0:00:00.0. As with the counter on the Player, you can adjust the counters in the Clip properties tool by clicking in one of the four fields (hours, minutes, seconds, frames) to select it, then using the jog buttons. When none of the fields is explicitly selected, the jog buttons apply to the frames field.

Transport controls: While the Clip properties tool is in use, the transport controls in the center area substitute for those that normally appear on the Player. These special transport controls include a Loop play/Pause button Pinnacle Studio 123 loop button Trimming with the Clip properties tool that can be used to cycle repeatedly through the trimmed portion of the clip while the trim points are being adjusted.

Setting the trim points: The left bracket Pinnacle Studio 123 left bracket button Trimming with the Clip properties tool button beside the counter in the left preview area, and the right bracket Pinnacle Studio 123 right bracket button Trimming with the Clip properties tool button beside the counter in the right preview area, set their respective trim points to the current position.

You can also adjust either trim point by:

·    Entering a value directly into its counter

·    Adjusting a counter field with the jog buttons

·    Dragging the corresponding trim caliper

The Duration text field: This field shows the length of the trimmed clip in hours, minutes, seconds and frames. If you modify the value, either by editing the numbers directly or by clicking the associated jog buttons, the effect is to change the out point of the clip. Of course, you cannot reduce the duration to less than a frame, or increase it beyond the limits of the original video scene.

Usage tip: If you want to switch from trimming one clip on the video track to trimming another, just click on the new clip while the Clip properties tool remains open, or drag the Timeline scrubber to the new clip.

Trimming with the Clip properties tool