Adding video clips to your movie

There are two ways to add a video clip to your movie:

Drag and drop: Drag a scene from the Video Scenes section of the Album and drop it into the Movie Window. This is normally the easiest and quickest way to put together a rough cut of your movie. You can drag multiple scenes simultaneously if you wish.

The clipboard: The standard clipboard operations (Cut, Copy and Paste) can be used with video clips in the Movie Window. The Copy operation works on Album scenes also.

When a scene or clip is pasted into the Movie Window, it is inserted at the first clip boundary starting at the edit line position. You can use the standard keyboard shortcuts for clipboard operations (Ctrl+X for cut, Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+V for paste), or select the desired operation from the right-button menu.

When the Movie Window is in Timeline view, you can drop a video scene or clip onto any of the following:

·    The main video track. If the clip has associated audio, it is added to the original audio track. This video will serve as the background for any overlay video or titles on the lower Timeline tracks.

·    The overlay track. Video on this track is superimposed on the contents of the video track. The picture-in-picture and chroma key effects are used to make a portion of the overlay frame transparent so that some of the main video can be seen.

·    The title track. If the overlay track is hidden, dropping a video clip on the title track causes the overlay track to open and the clip to be placed upon it. In other versions of Studio, or when the overlay track is already displayed, the title track does not accept video clips.

·    The sound effects track or the background music track. Attempting to drop a video clip on either of these tracks actually drops the clip’s original audio.

Adding video clips to your movie