Interface features

Studio provides a variety of visual cues regarding the video clips in the Movie Window:

·    When a clip is added to the Movie Window, a green checkmark appears on the Album’s icon for the corresponding scene. The checkmark remains as long as any clip in the Movie Window belongs to that scene.

·    To see the original location of a clip in your source video, use the Find Scene in Album command on the right-click menu for Movie Window clips. Studio highlights the Album scene from which the select­ed clip is drawn. To go the other way, use Album Ø Find Scene in Project to show how a particular Album scene is used in your current project.

·    When neighboring scenes from the Album are placed in sequence in the Movie Window, the border between the clips is displayed as a dotted line. This is to help you keep track of your clips, and does not affect how they can be manipulated in the Movie Window.

·    In Timeline mode, any special effects you have applied to a clip are indicated by small icons along the bottom of the clip. These correspond to the effect groups shown on the Video effects and Audio effects tools. You can open the tool for parameter editing by double-clicking any of the icons.

Pinnacle Studio 115 video effect icon on clip Interface features

The star icon below this video clip shows that at least one effect in the “Fun” category has been applied.

Interface features