Working with multiple capture files

For some projects you may want to incorporate scenes from multiple source tapes, or from different capture files made from one tape. To achieve this, load in each of the files in turn and drag whichever scenes you want from each file into your movie.

To use multiple capture files:

1.    Drag scenes from the first capture file into the Movie Window.

2.    Using the dropdown list or the folder button in the Video Scenes section of the Album, open the second capture file. Studio displays scenes from only the current file in the Album. See Opening a video file for detailed information on this step.

3.    Drag scenes from the second captured file into the Movie Window. Continue in this manner until you have gone through all the files.

Handling multiple capture files is made easier by use of the Project Bin, where the files whose scenes you add to your movie are automatically included.

Mixing frame formats

Because any given movie can be in only one of the standard (4:3) format and the widescreen (16:9) format, Studio does not let you mix frame formats in the Movie Window. By default, the first video clip you add to a movie determines the movie’s frame format, and later clips are modified as necessary to conform to it. See The project video format for further information.

Working with multiple capture files