Ultimate effects

The Studio Ultimate RTFX pack of video effects is included with Studio Ultimate. Users of other Studio versions can obtain the effects by upgrading to Studio Ultimate.

This section gives a brief description of each effect in the group, except:

·    Two of the Overlay effects are covered elsewhere (Chroma key and Picture-in-picture).

Pinnacle Studio 157 effects icon   hfx filter Ultimate effects·    The HFX Filter effect, which allows you to create and edit animated 3D transitions with Pinnacle’s Hollywood FX software, opens externally to Studio, and provides its own on-line help. HFX Filter uses a special Pinnacle category icon.

The effects appear here in the same order as they do in the effects browser, where they are sorted by category.

ð Blur

ð Emboss

ð Old film

ð Soften

ð Stained glass

ð Luma key

ð 2D Editor

ð Earthquake

ð Lens flare

ð Magnify

ð Motion blur

ð Water drop

ð Water wave

ð Black and white

ð Color correction

ð Color map

ð Invert

ð Lighting

ð Posterize

ð RGB color balance

ð Sepia

ð White balance

Ultimate effects