Video effects library

The plug-in video effects installed with Studio are divided into six categories, each symbolized by an icon:

Pinnacle Studio 151 effects icon   cleaning Video effects library·    Cleaning effects help correct defects in the source video, such as noise and camera shake.

Pinnacle Studio 151 effects icon   time Video effects library·    Time effects, like Speed, change the tempo of playback without affecting the appearance of the video frames themselves.

Pinnacle Studio 151 effects icon   style Video effects library·    Style effects like Emboss and Old film let you apply distinctive visual styles for added impact.

Pinnacle Studio 151 effects icon   overlay Video effects library·    Overlay effects support the overlay features of Studio, such as Picture-in-picture and Chroma key.

Pinnacle Studio 151 effects icon   fun Video effects library·    Fun effects like Water drop and Lens flare provide extra scope for creativity and fun in your movies.

Pinnacle Studio 151 effects icon   color Video effects library·    Color effects let you modify the coloration of a clip, whether subtly or dramatically.

Plug-in effects are organized into packs of one or more effects each. Nine effects are included in the Studio HD RTFX pack, which is included with all versions of Studio. This file also briefly describes each of the more than 20 additional effects in the Ultimate RTFX pack, which is included with Studio Ultimate.

Full documentation of the parameters for the Ultimate effects is included in their context-sensitive on-line help, which can be viewed by clicking the help button Pinnacle Studio image007 Video effects library at the top left of the parameters panel for each effect, or by pressing the F1 key when the panel is open.

Building your effects library

Studio’s plug-in architecture means that you can continue to add new effects to your video effects library as they become available. Expansion packs of effects from Pinnacle and other vendors will integrate seamlessly with the program.

Some expansion effects are shipped with Studio as locked, premium content. These include Pinnacle’s RTFX Volume 1 and 2 packs. Such effects can be previewed in Studio as usual, but are “watermarked” with a special graphic during playback.

Purchasing an activation key will remove the watermark. This can be done without leaving Studio. See Expanding Studio for more information about obtaining premium content for Studio.

Warning: Studio’s plug-in video effects are computer programs. They are theoretically capable of actions with the potential to damage or disrupt your system, such as modifying or deleting files and editing the system registry. Pinnacle advises against installing third-party plug-ins except those from trusted vendors.

Video effects library