Working with theme clips on the Timeline

Theme clips behave like ordinary video clips when it comes to operations like trimming and adding transitions.

When a theme clip is trimmed…

Although trimming operations on the Timeline are the same for theme clips as for video clips, the actual result produced by trimming depends on the nature of the clip.

In an all-animated theme, such as a fancy rolled title, the animation runs to completion at whatever speed the current clip duration dictates. Shortening the clip thus causes the animation to run faster, but does not truncate the sequence.

Clips that include video, in contrast, can be trimmed in the usual way. Many themes include a variable-length video subclip. When one of these is present, the clip can be expanded as far as the length of the subclip will allow – indefinitely, if the subclip happens to be a still image.

Interior trimming of themes

When a theme clip’s template begins or ends with a user-settable amount of full-frame video, as many do, the Timeline provides handles for adjusting the amount of “lead-in” and “lead-out” times – the durations of the full-frame portions. Click a handle and drag left or right to adjust either duration separately. The duration of the center part of the clip – the animated part – will shorten or lengthen accordingly. If you want to balance the lead-in and lead-out without affecting the duration of the center portion, click between the handles and drag.

Pinnacle Studio image001 Working with theme clips on the Timeline

Œ Click and drag the adjustment handle to trim the lead-in or lead-out portion of a theme clip. The duration of the center portion will increase or decrease accordingly.  Click between the handles to drag both at once, thereby repositioning the center in the clip without changing its duration.

For a detailed explanation of theme structure, see Anatomy of a theme.

Transitions and effects

Transitions can be used at the beginning and end of theme clips in the same way as with other clip types.

Video and audio effects can also be added to theme clips as usual, and apply to all the content the clip embodies. However, a few effects, such as Speed, are not available for use with theme clips.

Working with theme clips on the Timeline