“Burning failed” error appears in Make Movie

Answer ID 13438

If Studio reports “Burning failed” when you are trying to create an optical disc such as a DVD, try each of the following in turn until the problem is resolved.

·    Update to the latest patch: Use the HelpØSoftware Updates menu command to make sure you have the latest updates to the Studio program.

·    Use the Safe mode burn option in Make Disc settings: In Studio, click on Setup Ø Make Disc. Under the box marked Burn Options, select “Safe mode: create disc content and then burn”, by clicking first on the radio button in front of the setting, then OK. Stay with this setting until troubleshooting is complete.

·    Restart Studio: Shut down Studio, then relaunch it. Now try to create the disc again using the safe mode setting as above.

·    Restart the computer: Try opening the door of the DVD burner. If it won’t open, shut down Studio, then restart the computer. After launching Studio again, try to create the DVD again using the safe mode setting.

·    Verify media: Make sure that there blank, write-once media or rewriteable media in the DVD burner, and that your DVD burner supports the media type you are using. During troubleshooting we normally recommend using rewriteable media to reduce the number of wasted discs. However, if you have only used rewriteable media (RW), we would also recommend experimenting with write-once (-/+ R) DVDs. For dependability, Pinnacle suggests using a name brand of DVD, such as Sony, Apple or Memorex. When troubleshooting, we recommend trying a DVD from one or more different manufacturers.

·    Edit the registry: This step should only be attempted if all of the following are true: You have backed up your registry before making any changes and know how to restore the registry to the previous state; you have successfully edited the registry before; and you are comfortable with the risks associated with editing the registry. If you wish to proceed, delete the Recorder key in the following registry path (capitalization may vary):


This change will force the burn engine to completely redo the drive scanning.

“Burning failed” error appears in Make Movie